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I annoy myself, too.

Posted by Gwen |

Yesterday morning I'm driving to work and something odd caught my eye. Something that immediately struck me as a great blog photo-op. I turn the car around, drive back toward the thing I saw, and then Crap! I remember that BOTH of my camera batteries are dead. Understand that I intentionally bought two so this exact situation would never happen. The plan was to always have one charged (or at least charging) while the other was in use. Not so . . . because I'm forgetful. And lazy.

The missed opportunity? I was at the intersection of Jameison and Chippewa. I looked over at the Catholic Supply store and saw a man unloading many cement statues of Mary. As he was taking them off the van he was lining them up on the sidewalk like the Terracotta Army. The caption? "A Ton of Marys." It's less funny now than it was when I was annoyed that I couldn't make it happen. If you can come up with a better one (and I'm sure you can), leave it in the comments. I love that my very first caption contest doesn't have a picture.