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Wanna' Ride The Short Bus With Us?

Posted by Gwen |

The Darrells are doing a show at Blumenhof Winery on Saturday, Aug. 4, at 2 p.m. If we can get enough people we want to get a bus for the trip. Cousin T checked out Laidlaw's rates and we can get a "short bus" (appropriate, don't you think?) for 20 people for $50 an hour. It comes with a $50 clean-up fee and they begin charging a half hour before pick up and charge a half hour after drop-off. If the show is from 2-6 that afternoon we could have them pick us up at 12:30 and bring us home at 7:30. That's 8 hours for $450 (includes the extra half hour before and after and the $50 clean-up fee.)

If we can get 20 people to go, that's $22.50 each. Which I think is totally worth it, assuming Cousin T's math is right. She has agreed to coordinate it but here are the rules:

  • She needs to book the trip before the 21st of July because they need two weeks notice.
  • She will require payment before booking.
  • We only have room for 20 so first come, first served.

In other words? RSVP and pay ASAP!

If you don't know how to contact Cousin T make a note in the comments and I'll call you.