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Yay! Ace of Cakes is back! Yay!

Posted by Gwen |

This show is, hands-down, the most entertaining food show ever aired. It's about a bakery in Baltimore that is owned and operated by Duff Goldman, his silly, funny crew, and the amazing cakes they make. Not a one of the crew is what you would expect. Duff is in a hard-core band, used to be a graffiti artist and looks more like he should tend bar at The Black Thorn than own a krazee-succesful bakery. Actually, they all do.

These people are the most droll food tv personalities I've seen. They create wicked amazing cakes but do so without any pretense. In fact, they are often stopping production to go make snow angels or to take target practice using cakes. My favorite cakes so far have been the Taj Mahal (complete with the surrounding grounds), a gumabll machine (real gumballs inside!), and a Scrabble board. He has even put fireworks in cakes. It's awesome. The first explosive cake he did was for his dad.

Last night was the Season Premiere. One of the cakes they had been hired to make was a beaver. Their twelve-year-old giggling and snickering was enough to keep me laughing out loud through the whole thing. At one point Duff comes out with, ''I hired her to ice cakes and she just whipped out this beaver that was incredible."

Watch it or be bored. Thursday nights at 9 pm on Food Network.


Little Brr said...

YAY! This is one of my favorites, too. Thx for the post as I didn't realize it was back this season.