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Big Brother Bullets - 08/09/07

Posted by Gwen |

  • Did you see the gal in the piece about Dick who was wearing a shirt that read, "Jenuine Evel"? That's just good stuff.

  • Eric? Hi? If you're going to play that hard you need to keep your strategy to yourself. I didn't want to see him go but I wasn't going to be surprised or upset if he did. That was a fatal error. He got lucky.

  • And finally, let's say Eric does get voted out some week . . . will Big Brother announce his status as "America's Player" to the remaining houseguests? Or will they continue to tell them one by one as they come out? Leave your thoughts in the comments. I can't decide and I'm dying to know what you think.


LM said...

Umm...first of all, I'm probably you're only friend who watches Big Brother. All 3 per week. In fact, I'm probably about one of 10 in the city of STL. Anyway, Eric is damn lucky he made it through this week. There is no way he'll make it all the way. Being "America's Player" screws with his game and will ultimately prevent him from doing so. I don't think they'll tell the remaining houseguests until after they're out of the house, just to fuck with them.

Guenosdias! said...

We're an elite group. I agree his status will mess up his game. It's what put him where he was this week.