Everything I Like Causes Cancer

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So I'm recycling. And you should, too! C'mon! All the cool kids are doing it!

In fact, for a limited time the City's Refuse Division has grant funds it's using to subsidize its curbside pick-up recycling program. If you live in zip codes 63108, 63110, 63112, 63113, 63116, 63139 or 63147, you are eligible for this awesome program. Send in your check by August 15 and your service will start in no time. And? When I signed up, it was $15. Now it's $11.25. I'm not sure why it's $3.75 cheaper, but I'm also not sure I care as long as you don't miss this opportunity to cheaply be green.

And since I'm already on the soapbox and have your attention, I want to talk about plastic bottles. Manufacturing plastic creates large quantities of chemical pollutants, plastic degrades very slowly, and plastic recycling lags behind all other types - like newspapers and cardboard.

I'm not suggesting you stop buying things in plastic bottles because I love convenience as much as the next guy. But if there's an alternative - like drinking tap in a glass whenever you're at home or at the office - why wouldn't you? Especially since St. Louis is 1 of 5 finalist cities (out of 93!) in the Best Tasting City Water in America contest.

And when there isn't an alternative? Put it out on the curb, baby!


erin klippi said...

Here Here Gwen! Not to mention all that bottled water is not floridated, a key factor in tooth decay in young children.