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About Me - 11-20

Posted by Gwen |

  1. I've had cocktails with the Queen of a Gay Rodeo.

  2. I've locked myself out of my house, my garage, AND my car a collective six times in 2007. Three of those were in one week's time.

  3. I know someone who appeared on Martha Stewart's TV show as a guest.

  4. My house is so freaking clean that cat-allergic people can stay overnight without incident. (This is a direct quote from a close friend.)

  5. I have one brother, but we could not be more different and are not close.

  6. I received my undergraduate degree from MacMurray Colllege in Journalism and English with an Art minor.

  7. I've been to Ireland. I recommend it.

  8. The country club where I held my wedding reception was spacious enough to host two simultaneous events. While attending my own (formal) reception, I crashed the other reception and got on her video.

  9. I was born in Carbondale, IL.

  10. I once dressed as a dominatrix for Halloween. I borrowed the outfit from a friend who worked as an "exotic dancer" and I still didn't win the Sexiest Costume prize.