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Other Pretty Things

Posted by Gwen |

A few years back my mom was looking for a hobby so took a class on how to make stained glass. It was in this class that she discovered her creativity. This is a lamp she made for my step-sister:

This is an original piece (her own design) and is made with a slice of geode:

And these are a few more - the cat is called Cheeky Tom and was patterened after Skylar (look close at his right cheek and you'll see Sky's beauty mark) - and the dragon/bird piece is an original glass-on-glass mosaic design of the locally legendary Piasa Bird:

As you can see her talent is exceptional. So good, in fact, she was recently invited to the exclusive
Autumn Market in Elsah, IL. This is from the flyer:
My mom's (they said her name) stained glass artwork ranges from simple sun-catchers to a window-sized Piasa Bird (not the one pictured above - it's massive and amazing). Mom has created a number of lamps, mosaic vases and glass-on-glass mosaic pieces.
The Autumn Market runs from Friday, September 29 through Sunday, October 14th. Open Thursday through Saturday from 10-3, and from 12-3 on Sunday.

If you go up there, be sure to save room for pie at
My Just Desserts. The pie itself is worth the drive over there and their potato leek soup is delicious. And I don't like leeks.

So, go! It's a beautiful time of the year in that part of Illinois!