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I'm so excited for the return of Men in Trees. This is one of my favorite feel-good shows and I was disappointed when it abruptly ended last year. Here's an excerpt from the website:

In addition to getting better acquainted with the mix of eclectic characters viewers came to know on
MEN IN TREES the first season - in the coming season there will be a wedding that doesn't happen, another that does, two divorces, one baby, a pack of angry wolves, an arctic cyclone, two "little people" and a puppy.

Sounds like it's going to be a good season! I hope Anne Heche can keep her shit together long enough to finish a season.


LM said...

I'm excited too! I heard that the network is also going to air the few episodes from last season that were never shown. I think it's a given whose wedding isn't going to happen. At least I hope so. And I hope that "little people" isn't referring to midgets!