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Last night I met my mom and her wonderful friends in Old St. Charles for its Old Fashioned Shopping Evening and had so much fun. I'm here to tell you, Main Street St. Charles is running a monopoly on Christmas spirit. It just isn't possible to walk away from there feeling Scroogy.

The entire street for blocks and blocks is decorated with lights and wreaths and bow and bells. It's a stunning sight.

There are Santas from all over the world who stroll the sidewalks and spread good cheer:

There are also strolling lamplighters. It seemed their only mission was to prompt children to yell, "Merry Christmas!" as loud as they could. They were good at it.

This Victorian gentleman was peddling roasted chestnuts. I ate about half of one. It wasn't terrible. I liked the flavor, it was slightly sweet, but the texture was mealy and a touch grainy. Chris said that he used to get them as a kid in New York City but those vendors roasted the nuts longer which made for a much better texture. If I ever find myself in NYC at Christmas, I intend to find out.

There were even strolling carolers. I apologize for the dark, and at the end roaming, video. Press play on the video for sound and then look at them in the picture if you have to.

There was even a fife and drum duo that marched up and down the street, stopping occasionally to perform in front of the stores. They are quite entertaining.

But my favorite part was the shopping. Oh good lord, the shopping. The street is lined with these fantastic little boutique shops and candy stores and restaurants. I picked up some new ornaments and decorations and my mom bought me this adorable Jim Shore snowman.

I had a great time and would love to go back. This event is so cool it even has its own Wikipedia entry:

"One of the nations largest Christmas Festivals takes place on the streets of St. Charles every year starting the day after Thanksgiving and going through until right before Christmas. Over 30 costumed Legends of Christmas stroll the streets and interact with guests, while Victorian Era Christmas Carolers fill the air with old-fashioned carols. Every Saturday and Sunday the Legends of Christmas and the world-renowned Lewis & Clark Fife and Drum Corps take part in the Santa Parade as it heads up Historic South Main Street to the site of the First Missouri State Capitol."

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