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As expected, the weekend's trip to Chicago was A BLAST. I must admit that no beverages flew out of my nose, nor did I poop myself, but only because I was vigilant: there were several close calls.

At the last minute we were joined by Zellmannnnnnnnnnnnn, which added an unexpected layer of hilarity. At dinner he informed me that I have consistently misspelled his name on this blog. Apparently his name contains two "N"s, not one. The above spelling of his name should make up for my prior "N" deficiencies. (Love you, Z! Here's hoping the mechanics at your auto shop don't masturbate in your Vulva.)

My flight into Chicago was delayed several times due to a blanket of fog that settled over the city for most of the day. I didn't mind - I had a great book and ample people watching. Plus I knew I was going to sit at that airport until someone got my happy ass to Chicago. Late in the afternoon the restaurant called to confirm our reservation and I had to laugh because while I said we would, of course, be there, I was actually still sitting in St. Louis.

There was much eating, more drinking, and non-stop laughing. There are several great videos I shot at the dinner table that I will post later today. I was just too pooped to do anything about anything when I got home last night, including unpacking. Considering I only got a few hours of sleep while I was up there, I could barely keep my eyes open once I got home and, for the first time since I was a wee lass, I was in bed and ASLEEP at 8 o'clock.

Thanks again to all of you who were there. One of you made it so I could get there more easily, one of you gave me a place to stay, one of you carted me all over town while I was there, and all of you made me happy to be alive. My life is truly blessed to have friends like you. I love you guys!


amy & jeff said...

Glad you had fun but we missed you on Saturday for the holiday gathering.