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My Busy Day

Posted by Gwen |

I'm on vacation, bitches! I've actually been on vacation since about 1:30 pm on Monday, but today was the first day I had no real agenda, leaving room for extreme levels of sloth.

I got up this morning and had a leisurely cuppa' joe in my pj's followed by a LATE morning breakfast of scrambled eggs. Later in the day I went to the eye doctor's. I have too much money left in my cafeteria plan (use it or lose it) so I am spending a couple hours of my vacation visiting doctors. Tomorrow I get my teeth cleaned! Woo!

Anyway, seeing as I have a bunch of money to spend I ordered new glasses. According to my file I haven't gotten new glasses since 2002 so I don't feel like the expenditure was frivolous. Luckily my prescription hasn't changed much - they say the eyes are the first to go so I must still have it. Agree with me or perish.

These are the frames I chose . . .

Despite their super chic trendyness, I feel very comfortable in them. I've never really had a pair of glasses that I liked so I am excited to actually wear them more than immediately prior to and after bed. I'm hoping for the sexy librarian look. I'll post a pic as soon as they come in and you can let me know if I pulled it off.

In addition to the dentist, my next exciting day of vacation is scheduled to include a trip to the auto mechanics to have my passenger-side door handle replaced and possibly lunch and an afternoon viewing of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street with Leslie. We both feel this one should be seen on the big screen. I've found that, most generally, Johnny Depp should be experienced as his characters are - larger than life.


Laura said...

I've been a lurker for a few months now. My Christmas present to myself was to start my own blog. Needless to say I thought I should come out of the woodwork and start leaving comments.

The glasses are fabulous! My friend has some very similar and she always gets great comments on how good she looks in them. I'm sure you will too.

LM said...

I also like the new specs!

Mariposa said...

Happy vacation! I think I need that too...I need time away from myself!

amy & jeff said...

The glasses are darling and I'm sure you'll look fab in them. Hope you had a good x-mas!

I'm also jealous of your lurker!

The Ex said...

Oh, I like them - very chic but not obnoxiously so.

Whiskeymarie said...

The glasses are very "dirty secretary".
I love them.