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I don't climb on many bandwagons and I'm not one to join up for cool causes, but I liked this so I'm sharing. Nyah.

I recently ordered some stuff online and was unpacking it when I noticed a plastic envelope marked "Cell Phones For Soldiers" in the bottom of the box. My mind immediately went to the ancient cell phone stored in my underwear drawer that I've been meaning to recycle. (Don't ask. I have no possible idea why I keep it in my underwear drawer.)

I checked out the website listed on the bag and learned that two tweens started the program in 2004 with $21 of their own money. It seems that one company accepts the recycled phones and, in turn, pays another company minutes for every cell phone recycled. One phone = one hour of prepaid minutes for soldiers.

Pretty freaking cool. I take back all the bad things I've said about teenagers over the years.

My phone went in the mail earlier this week. You can get a pre-paid shipping label here.

You never know, maybe one of these guys will use his minutes to call YOU!


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

What a great idea!

amy & jeff said...

teenagers still suck but this is nice. that is all.