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Cupid's an asshole.

Posted by Gwen |

I am not a fan of today's holiday. It puts too much pressure on couples of all types. Dating and relationships are hard enough without some corporate beast dictating when and how you express it. A holiday that implies you must not love one another if you don't participate is absurd.

New couples face the hard decision of what to get that expresses just the right amount of investment in their new and unchartered relationship. Go too far and you're seen as too invested and run the risk of scaring off your new love. Scaring the pants off him or her is not the way to get that particular job done. On the flip side, if your present doesn't fit your new love's expectations you might find yourself alone again.

The holiday is just as frustrating for established couples. First, they've done this a number of times before and have run out of fresh ideas. Second, anything you want to do (flowers, candy, dinner) is a monumental pain in the ass with jacked up prices. And God forbid you get busy and forget.

It's too much. Love isn't easy and couples don't need some damn third grade level peer-pressure holiday to make it worse. As far as I'm concerned, today is St. Patrick's Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

UPDATED TO ADD: I've gotten some flak outside the confines of this website on my stance. I think I might not have expressed myself well here. My point is that they hub-bub that surrounds VD creates expectations in people that may not be met by their partners and they end up disappointed and upset. I feel this is unnecessary. Do what's right for you and makes you happy, EVERY day not just today.


LM said...

I forgot it was even Valentine's day until I read this. I guess that shows how much I care about the "holiday".

Whiskeymarie said...

There- I gave you a big ol' kiss for V-day.
Better now?

-R- said...

I am not a V Day fan either. My husband and I don't celebrate it. But I wore red today, forgetting that it was V Day, and now it looks like I am celebrating in the dorkiest way policy. I hate that shit. Aargh.

Killer said...

Here in Mississippi, for VD we allow the women folk to put on shoes and step outside to pick fresh flowers...then they get back inside and cook my dinner.

amy & jeff said...

You know what holiday I hate? Arbor Day. Stupid trees.

Anonymous said...

i've never, ever been a fan of valentine's day. not even when i was a kid. and any guy that i date knows that if flowers arrive on feb. 14th he's gonna be single. don't send me over priced flowers because a calendar tells you to, send me flowers any day because you want to. ya know?

hey, this won't let me sign my name as hellohahanarf. fucker.

Gwen said...

LM: I'm happy you've dodged the hype.

WM: I'd be better if we made out.

-R-: Ha! Stupid red sweater.

Killer: Dinner will be on the table at 6.

Amy: You kill me.

Hello: Welcome! I totally agree. I love to get flowers, but they are best received out of the blue.

Sarah said...

I agree completely--we should be able to say what we want, when we want, without having to pay Hallmark. John and I are celebrating by watching basketball, just like we do most Thursday nights!