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I just read an article on STLtoday.com that had this to say about traffic this morning:

Before 8 a.m., as many as a dozen cars were involved in a series of wrecks on westbound I-44 near the St. Louis city-St. Louis County line. Police in Shrewsbury responded to two crashes -- one with two cars, one with three -- just west of Jamieson Avenue. One person hurt his wrist; no one was transported to a hospital. About the same time, city police were called for a five- to seven-car pileup on the same stretch of I-44, just east of Jamieson Avenue. No word on injuries."It was the black-ice effect," said Shrewsbury Police Lt. Jeff Beaton. "Moisture on the highway just froze up. One officer said he stopped his car and it slid another 40 feet."

My every-day route to work involves me getting onto 44 West at Jamieson. SO GLAD I stayed home.