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Vanilla Ice, Ice, Baby.

Posted by Gwen |

These are the ice pellets that fell from the sky all day yesterday. I woke up not feeling well for the second day in a row so opted to bag it and stay home. Boy, as I watched that stuff fall and listened to it tap-tapping on my windows all day, I was ever-so-glad I made that decision.

I'm not going in today, either. All 500 schools in our area are closed. I can see from my windows that my street and alley have not been treated, which is typical. Rumor has it that the highways are ok, but I have to traverse a good ten miles of side streets to get to the highway and it's the side streets that are treacherous. I'm not even sure I could get in my garage and if I did, I drive a tiny little sports car. I'm just not doing it, the man on weather.com said it was a bad idea.

If you just have to be out there, or are in an area hit worse, please be safe. There really isn't anything out there that you HAVE to do. Stay home; be safe and warm.


howmidugan said...

I wanted to stay home again today, but couldn't justify it, since Jefferson was clear. So, I'm at work pouting and checking blogs. I think I did more work yesterday from home that I'm doing today when I actually made the effort to come in. I'm definitely leaving early.