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Lacking any inspiration for today's post I took notes during Big Brother Survivor last night in order to resuscitate Big Brother Bullets Survivor Chat. I also needed to get something important off my chest . . .


Last week The Faves won three hens and a rooster at the reward challenge. During the previews for next week (or last night, as it were) I swore I saw them talking to the rooster, who they named Charlie, about how they were going to eat him. I have never yelled so loud at my TV.

The very next opportunity I had to talk to LM, I railed. In fact, I told her that if they killed the rooster I would stop watching the show. Understand, however, that I can't uphold this threat. I have to "be there" when they realize how stupid they were. For those of you who are not schooled in animal husbandry, the hens would have continued to lay eggs daily as long as Charlie was around to fertilize things. Now? No more eggs.

I was really surprised that Ozzy or James didn't know this. And Chet? Chet even said he raised chickens! I expected him to sound the alarm about the disappearance of Charlie when he saw there were no eggs. Numb nuts. They're all numb nuts.

Other highlights from last night:

  • They switched up the tribes. I think things are pretty even.
  • Amanda caught a 40 pound shark all by herself, thereby earning the adoration of Ozzy. Swoon.
  • The hole in Jonathan's leg was DEEP. I think I saw China in there.
  • Chet took a first class beating in the reward challenge. Joel was dragging him around without any regard for his safety. He looked like a rag doll flying around through the air. I felt so bad for him, but he seemed to take it well. I was glad to see Joel go after that.

UPDATED TO ADD: LM is right. I had not had my coffee when I wrote this. Apparently I need a "reality" check.


LM said...

Why are you calling it Big Brother Bullets if you're talking about Survivor?? I'm thinking maybe you posted this before coffee. Anyway, I wasn't paying real close attention when I watched it, but I was hoping that maybe it wasn't the actual rooster that they killed. I couldn't watch the part with Jonathan's leg. That was a HUGE HOLE in his leg. Yowch. I actually wish they would've voted Chet out. Sorry, he just needs to go. Before he dies or before someone on the tribe kills him for being in the way.