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This one is supposed to make you jealous.

Posted by Gwen |

As you can see by the coutdown timer in the sidebar, there are only 2 weeks and 3 days left before I leave for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I haven't been on a week-long vacation since I went to Ireland in 2001. I am way overdue for this break.

Seven of my closest and funniest friends and I have rented a ginormous house on the beach for a week. I've been picking up tops and shorts and sundresses for a couple weeks now. And tanning. But this weekend I need to get serious about making sure I have what I need.

I have to make sure I have a swimsuit because I don't want miss out on using the pool in our backyard.

Our backyard, otherwise known as The Ocean.

I wish I could take you all with me. Oh, wait! I can! I bought myself a laptop yesterday. See? I'm taking care of the important things before I leave.

Have an awesome Tuesday.


hellohahanarf said...

i spent the first week in february down in cabo. we stayed down at sunset beach. it was awesome! honestly, i can't wait to get back. so, so gorgeous. and the people were wonderful.

speaking of wonderful people, eduardo padilla and his awesome daughter laura run the best whale watching cruise around. their sunset cruise is spectacular as well. all you can drink on a small (38') cat. and the food! mmmm, the food laura makes is delish. highly recommended adventure. www.rissalena.com will get you to their page. prices are VERY reasonable.

sigh, now i will never get any work done considering that i can't quit daydreaming. see how you are?!?!?

Whiskeymarie said...

I hope you have so much fun on your vacation that you forget to blog.
We'll still be here when you get back, silly.

Allie said...

Oh wow! That looks lovely!

I've never been to Mexico. After that last batch of snow, I am totally craving someplace warm! So jealous!

Killer said...

Wait...was that an invitation to come to Cabo, because I can pack my speedos, comb my back hair and be there in a matter of minutes.

Gwen said...

Hello: Thanks for the tip! We're all very excited.

WM: I plan to stay horizontal and drunk the entire time. Are you sure you want me to forget to post?

Allie: You are welcome to stow away in my luggage.

Killer: Bring it. But you might want to wait the 2 weeks and 2 days until I am there.

Little Brr said...

Excited isn't even a proper way to explain it man...can't think of anything else, dreaming of the copius amounts of adult beverages we shall be consuming, warm sun, the many memories we will be making... I'd call that bat shit insane ADD excited! (I'm all giddy now and it's only Wednesday... I think... it is wednesday right? Oh.. LOOK! something shiny...)

McGone said...

Jealous? Why yes, yes I am. Well played. I was there about 4 years ago and daydream about it... pretty much everyday since.

*Sigh* But you know, Northern Illinois is a lot like Baja California. If you squint - and drink lots and lots of grain alcohol - you can kind of see the ocean.

Gwen said...

McGone: Sounds like Northern Illinois is a lot like Eastern Missouri. We make ours in the hills.