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What the fuck was that?

Posted by Gwen |

About 20 minutes ago, around 4:40 am, my bed started shaking. For real. It was the scariest, most odd sensation. I instantly knew it was an earthquake even though I've never been in one. I was terrified that this was the quake everyone drones on about because we're in the path of the New Madrid fault line. I'm serious, I thought this was the end.

As soon as my bed stopped shaking like I had put 50 cents in it, I ran downstairs and turned on the TV. A quick news break told me there was a 5.4 preliminary magnitude quake 127 miles away in southern IL. My cats are still skulking around like they expect the earth to open up and swallow them whole.

And also, what is up with the rash of shootings we've had this week? I've got to stop watching the news and go back to bed before I decide it's too dangerous to leave the house.


hello haha narf said...

damn, that is some scary shit. i like when my bed is a rockin, but not like that.

Gwen said...

@hello: Precisely.

Little Brr said...

You know, the way the bed was a rockin' I seriously thought my beloved was uhhh... "taking care of his business" and when he said..., "Baby... what the hell is that? What's going on?" I'm all like, "Shhh. It's just an earthquake. Go back to bed..." Whew!

LM said...

I was up like a bolt of lightening when it started. Granted, I'm a light sleeper these days and that was my 3rd time up for the night. I, too, thought the initial "minor" shakes (although major in my book) were only a lead up to The Big One a few minutes later. Which, by the way, Tory and I had a long conversation about THE NIGHT BEFORE. I think we caused it. Sorry 'bout that.

LM said...

...and by the way....my End of the World theory? Yeah, I'd say adding a freaking Midwest earthquake to the mix is just more proof. And I don't think the severe flooding we had last month has been acknowledged either, since I first brought the whole thing up.

liz said...

I thought about you when I heard about the quake and hoped you'd post something. Did it knock shit off the walls and all? Would you live in Cali if someone was providing you with full rent in a high-end apartment and a $150k per year job?

Gwen said...

@Lil BRR: I'd like everyone to know that you told me in person that this is not a habit of his and has never actually happened.

@LM: I've forgotten over time all the evidence you have for your "End of Days" theory, but I do know it's significant. We should write them all down and keep it updated.

@Liz: Hell yeah! It's like a roller coaster - now that I've survived it, I want to do it again.

Gwen said...

@Liz: Also, it didn't knock anything over but I could see the walls moving. It felt like someone was shaking my whole house. It was FREAKY.

pistols at dawn said...

I'm still trying to figure out which group I can blame for this occurrence. The Quakers, probably, because they don't fight back.