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Big Brother Bullets - 08/14/07

Posted by Gwen |

  • Holy cow. The execution of Dick's plan to act like a full-on ass was impressive. That display was just awful. I like to think I'd be good at this game but I don't think I could have done that.
  • Could there have been any more drama during the POV contest? That was really intense. I was certain Dick would blow it because he has a history of choking in the competitions.
  • Daniele's outburst in the HOH room was so transparently strategy but I didn't see any of the houseguests' reactions to it. Do you think they bought it?
  • And just what the heck was America thinking assigning Eric the task of giving Jessica the silent treatment? What possible reason is there for that? He's her best friend and confidant - she's HOH and relies on him for strategic input. That could have been deadly. Does anyone see any reason for this? Please, enlighten me.


LM said...

I want to hate Evel Dick, but I can't. I love him! He's so classic. Last night was the best episode of the season. I couldn't help but laugh at how insanely mean and ignorant he was being. He definitely followed through w/the plan. I hope Dustin is backdoored! As far as Eric goes, I think at this point American is fucking with him. I think they are purposely starting to pick people for his challenges that make it much more difficult. Obviously Evel Dick would've been the logical choice for this task, but that would be too easy. I do think many of the pp in the HOH room bought Danielle's rant. Although it was a bit too long, for the most part I thought it was very believable. I think the looks on some of their faces were looks of empathy. And by the way, I loved how Jessica's mind took her in the completely wrong direction - and she was freaking about it! That incorrect assumption of hers about Dustin and Eric will make things interesting.