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Oops! I did it again.

Posted by Gwen |

A couple weeks ago I was ratting around in the basement and noticed that the floor was really wet - but just in one area toward the front of the house. It really freaked me out because I'm proud of the fact that the foundation to my 83 year old house is incredibly intact and hasn't moved in all those years (confirmed by an inspector prior to purchase.) While hauling wet boxes and ruined items out to the dumpster I remembered that a couple days prior I had inadvertently left the soaker hose running overnight in the front flower bed. Mystery solved. Right then and there I vowed to set a timer whenever I used the soaker hose in the future.

The best laid plans of mice and men . . . apparently I'm not mature enough or "ready" for the convenience of a soaker hose because I did it again. Only this time I left it running from Sunday late afternoon to Monday when I got home from work. When I went outside to pick up the Journal I noticed that the sidewalk out front was curiously wet and immediately ran back into the house and down into the basement. Yup. Totally wet. Same spot. Thankfully all the boxes were moved out of the area from the first episode.

I'm grounded from the soaker hose.


zoot said...

In my home, a mistake is allowed to be made FOUR times before you are considered grounded.

LM said...

Is "soaker hose" a metaphor?

Ginaman said...

I'll bet your flowers are the most kick-ass on the block!