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Big Brother Bullets - 08/26/07

Posted by Gwen |

  • Yay! Yay for some serious flirting between Jessica and Eric! While the romantic in me is rooting for them, the strategist hopes they are careful. There can be fatal fallout from hooking up in the house; there’s a huge risk that the other houseguests will see the close bond as a threat and scheme to bust it up. Also? What the heck is this about Eric having a girlfriend? This was the first I heard of it. I couldn’t get a read on Jessica’s feelings about it. I hope she’s careful.
  • Does Amber seriously think she could be a model? That clip was just more evidence that she’s still on the drugs. Or she did so many that the damage was substantial. Jameka had to have been blowing smoke up Amber’s ass when she encouraged her to follow the dream.
  • I love Jessica even more after this episode. I’m not sure we could ever hang out but I love watching her play.
  • And? I was so right when I said the Dick/Danielle stuff was going to intensify as the game progressed. Danielle’s emotional control amazes me. She does a great job of showing only what she wants seen. But the pressure is on and I think it’s affecting her ability to control her emotions about Dick.
  • Eric has completed 75% of America's assigned tasks. Details here.

    As an aside to LM, Zach reminds me of Brian Menkhausen. Keep that in mind tomorrow night and let me know what you think.


IrisSkye said...

Sister - we didn't talk about this on Saturday night! Didn't know you loved BB! Me, too!!!! Thought I'd check out your site today. I'm the girl that stole the bed! ;) Taking my break . . .

And I completely agree about Amber - I think my jaw dropped when she said she has the face & body of a model (notice BB showed an awful pic of her belly right at that moment!). That's my belly - I thought. I could NEVER be a model - but I do think my face is prettier. Poor Amber. We all have our issues.

And yes - the tension between Jessica & Eric is getting high. I can feel the frustration building. I didn't hear anything about a girlfriend, either. Where did you hear that?

I need to get back to my blog and write more. One entry is just SAD.
Good to see you this weekend. We'll be hanging out again soon! :)

- Sommer

Guenosdias! said...

Sommer! So glad you stopped by. When Jen left the house, the last thing she said was to Amber. She said, "Be sure to tell Jess." So of course Jess asks Amber what was said and Amber tells her that Eric confessed to Jen that he has a girlfriend named Cheryl. Thankfully, Jess asked him about it and he told her that his relationship with Cheryl isn't defined and is "on again/off again." I think she believes him and I want to.