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Big Brother Bullets - 08/28/07

Posted by Gwen |

  • It was a mistake for Eric to pass up the opportunity to backdoor Dick or Daniele. Zach hit the nail on the head when he said this was the perfect time to do it . . . the rest of the house guests, including Jessica, were either expecting it or hoping for it . . . they had the numbers to get one of them out . . . and doing so would have bolstered everyone's confidence in him and Jessica. As it stands now everyone else is fed up, disgusted, and planning their eviction. The worst part is that Dick and Daniele really are as dangerous as Zach and Amber were asserting; they saw the body language between Zach and Eric after the POV competition and immediately targeted Jessica.
  • Do you believe the explanation Eric gave at the end in the diary room? That he let the nominations stand because of his assignment from America to get Amber nominated? Because I don't. The assignment only required her nomination. She got nominated. Task complete. Obligation over. Maybe he has a long-range plan that includes proposing to Jess, convincing her to take a dive so he's in the Final Two against one of the Donato's (a sure win), and then living happily ever after with her. Shut Up! It could happen.
  • Amber and her weird praying. It's my position that a person's relationship with the deity of their choice is very personal and private so it follows that I think tearful praying in the diary room, where she knows her every word is being taped, is disingenuous. But the best part was when she asked God to bless himself. Can he do that? And even if he can, does he need to?
  • When they showed the clip of Amber playing Power of Ten I was expecting her to ask, "What's pitbull mean?"
  • I doubt she did it on purpose but I think it was in Amber's best interest NOT to win a large sum of money on Power of Ten. Nothing will kill you faster than the other contestants knowing you have money.*
  • And finally, the money shot . . . Eric and Jessica FINALLY kissed! When he asked her if she wanted the lights off I thought, "Oh, yeah! It's ON!" And yay! He's a good kisser! I hate to admit it but, just like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes when they talked about a wedding.

*I loved it when they all scoffed at the idea of Drew Carey as the new host of The Price Is Right. Hee!


LM said...

Amber has said "God bless you" when she's talking to God more than once. I first noticed it in the last episode, anyway. She is so weird. Jameka's praying is making me increasingly uncomfortable. I can't explain why, but it does. It's very awkward to watch/listen to. I am not convinced that Eric isn't playing Jessica. I don't trust him. There is something very smarmy about him. Not sure why he didn't put up E.D. or Dani. He could've done it for America, under the assumption that American will tell him to try and get Amber evicted. This isn't the first time America has told him to get her nominated. He doesn't want her there either, so this would make sense. I just hope Zach stays. I still don't get why pp don't like him. He's the most balanced and level headed of the bunch.