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Happy One Month Anniversary to Me!

Posted by Gwen |

Well, I did it. I kept the site updated with decent material and readership for one entire month. I am thrilled to be dusting off my writing skills, especially in a way that entertains me just as much as my audience.

The most exciting part about starting this site was forcing myself to dive into something without any real experience or plan. Those of you who know me well know that I panic and have to breathe into paper bags when there's no plan. For example, last year? I made an Excel chart of our meals for the annual Lake Vacation to make sure we brought enough food. So you can only imagine the trepidation I had about doing this - I was unfamiliar with the technology, I wasn't sure I had enough good material in me, and I don't have the best track record for hobby sustainability.

But I did it! And it's been so much fun! And it still is! I am so happy to be writing something that people enjoy. It makes me walk a little taller every time one of you mentions something you saw here. Can I ask a favor since it's my anniversary and you love me so much? Will you please de-lurk and say hi in the comments? There is zero pressure to be impressive - although prizes are awarded to anyone who makes me laugh so hard that soda comes out my nose - just say hi! I could really use the ego boost. Hell, who couldn't? Tell you what . . . you leave a comment and I'll show up at your office within the next week and convey to your boss how much I think you rock using only interpretive dance. Ready? Go!

Wait! I almost forgot! As you can see below, I'm on vacation next week. The Gregger has graciously and excitedly agreed to be my very first guest host. I haven't given him any rules and he's wickedly funny, so not tuning in would be stupid. Now, go forth and comment!


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Dead puppies.

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yes, I'll have the Tom roll please... hold the vicodin!

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You are the bomb diggity!