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I'm leaving again.

Posted by Gwen |

I'm about 10 minutes from leaving the office for the airport. Headed to San Fran for work. I just called the hotel I'm staying in tonight and found that there isn't any real option for Internet access so I'll not be here tomorrow.

Here's a topic for while I'm gone -
Should Mr. T have had an aquatic friend? Talk amongst yourselves.


howmidugan said...

Actually, Mr. T. DID have an aquatic friend, and he got stuck in the sun roof of Jim Eldred's Monte Carlo in 1985. Just ask Amy Stinnett and Amy Poos - they're the ones who did it.

Okay, it wasn't the REAL Mr. T, or a REAL aquatic friend. We were playing with action figures. We were 16. I can't explain it. It was Carlinville. Prom was over. We had to entertain ourselves somehow.