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Big Brother Bullets - 08/21/07

Posted by Gwen |

  • Jessica is so very into Eric and so very obvious about it. I love how she works the word "Boobies!" into every conversation they have. And he seems clueless. LM mentioned a while back that she thought he might be gay. I'm staring to think she may be right. Either way, he's playing his cards very close to his vest. I can't wait to find out what's really going on here.
  • What the eff is up with Amber and her "vision from God." I think she may still be on the drugs. I'd love to know what Jameka really thinks of her. Clearly Jameka needs her as an ally so she's not going to call her out on the bat-shit krazee, but what's her take?
  • Amber again. Two bullets for Amber today because the girl is a trainwreck. I almost fell off the couch laughing when she gave up the farm to Danielle. All Danielle wanted was assurance that Amber wouldn't nominate her next week (assuming Amber gets HOH) and she handed over everything - she agreed to vote however Danielle tells her, she agreed to never nominate her, and despite telling Jameka that she would never swear on her daughter, she did just that - voluntarily! She couldn't negotiate her way out of a parking lot.

And finally, I missed posting after Sunday's episode because I had no Internets, but I simply can't stop obsessing over the "Amber's Vocabulary" montage. Are you kidding me? She is the poster child for stupid. For those of you who don't watch, the montage was a series of clips of Amber engaged in conversations with other houseguests and repeatedly asking, "What's _______ mean?" The words she didn't know? Charismatic, superficial, integrity, backdoor, outed, sub-alliance, perceived, implication, and peanut gallery. I feel bad for bashing her so badly here today because it's just too easy. I should pick on someone my own brain's size.


LM said...

Yeah, that Amber is one sandwich short of a picnic basket. Her "giving up the farm", as you say, was indeed hilarious. How does she not know what all those words mean? I mean, if you finished high school and get out of the house once a in while, you would know what those words mean. I'm still not sure if Eric is gay or not. I was real gung ho on that theory initially, but sometimes I feel that he is into Jessica. But then again, if that's the case, why hasn't he made any move? At all? Back to the gay theory.