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Merle Haggard

Posted by Gwen |

I swear The Gregger and I saw Merle Haggard last night at Venice Cafe. I offered TG $5 to obtain confirmation but apparently he had his own $5 and didn't need mine. Tell me what you think:

I apologize that there isn't a full-on face shot to view but I was trying not to be obvious. Plus I think he was onto me - he moved out to the patio after I took this shot. So we followed him.

Later we saw one of the guys in the band talking to him and as we approached Merle walked away. Recognizing my opportunity, I asked the band guy if that was Merle Haggard. His response was as cagey as the grin on his face. All he said was, "Looks a lot like him, don't he?"

And today? I went to the official Merle Haggard website to check where he was supposed to be last night and the website is mysteriously down. I think he knows I'm hot on the trail.