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Big Brother Bullets - 08/12/07

Posted by Gwen |

  • Oh.My.God. The incessant and senseless bickering between Dick and Jameka. I wanted to put a stick in my eye to make it stop.
  • Then there was Amber's two-minute long (I timed it), tearful requisition prayer to God in which she asked Him "to make her do better in competitions" and for the willpower to eat better so she gets in shape.
  • And, finally, how about Eric's next task being to get Dustin, one of his main allies, nominated? And then Dustin recommends the move himself? Wow. How lucky can this guy get?


Becky said...

I'm your other friend that watches Big Brother religiously. I'm so glad I'm not alone because I feel a little guilty about it. Everyone is kind of annoying right now, so I'm not sure who I want to win. I feel sorry for Zach so I think I'd like to see him win. But I think I'm also starting to like Jensa Member Jen. What?

LM said...

Jameka's "conversations" with God make me feel physically uncomfortable when I listen to them. I like her in all other aspects, but the things she asks God to "do" for her are ridiculous. I'm embarassed for her. But then again, maybe that's my own bad attitude about religion coming into play. If she really thinks God is going to help her win this game, more power to her. I wish I had the same faith about God finding me a good job, helping me lose 10 lbs., keep ignorant assholes out of my presence, etc.. At this point I think Danielle deserves to go far in the game. She plays it well. I still don't get why everyone hates Zack. I don't love the guy, but I don't see any reason to hate him.