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Big Brother Bullets - 09/11/07

Posted by Gwen |

Sorry this is late - as you can see from below I went out Tuesday night instead of watching the show. But I'm caught up and have this to say:

  • Why was Dick acting so surprised that Dani took him off the block? Of course she did - there was no risk for her in doing it. Now, same situation earlier in the game where there's a chance she gets voted out? No way she does it. I think he made such a fuss because he so badly wants her approval and attention.
  • It seemed like Jessica was mad at Eric. I really couldn't get a good read on what was going on there. But I was excited to peek in on the Jury House.
  • If Zach has any shot he HAS to win HOH. I know that we could easily find out by reading the message boards, but I don't want to know. Although, either way, I predict Dani wins this game. Even if she doesn't win HOH, she'll likely win the veto. Most Jury members vote based on overall game play and she was masterful.


LM said...

All I can say is.......THANK GOD Julie Chen stopped wearing all that body glitter! It was blinding.