Everything I Like Causes Cancer

Where we've been convinced to write a new post on Dec. 2. Stay tuned!

Tomorrow night is my friend Melissa's wedding shower. She and her fiance are just good people. They are good people who are even better as a couple. They are also a very special couple to me because I was the first person to suggest that they date. I know there are others who claim this honor, but I know I was the first. I was so much "the first" that they didn't listen to me for a really long time. Maybe they started dating to shut me up and then actually grew on each other - like moss. It's possible.

Anyway, I stopped by Target last night on my way home to pick up some sort of wrapping device for their totally awesome gift. Yes, I was lazy and got a gift bag - but it's pretty - and I picked out matching tissue paper!

While I was standing in the candle aisle debating whether or not I had been good enough this week for presents . . . and perusing my options because I had . . . I felt this cart sidle up really close on my left. Instinctively I turned to give the moron driving the cart my evil chicken eye. If you haven't seen my chicken eye, it starts with my left eyebrow shooting up while the expression on my face turns instantly incredulous. Vocal accompaniment is typically, "Really?" but isn't always present.

So, with the chicken eye in position, I started my perusal of the situation with the cart and then slowly rolled my eyes up until I was looking her right in the face. I immediately felt silly and cracked up. It was Melissa and she was laughing so hard at having gotten the expected reaction out of me. I'm so predictable.

We visited for a while, looked at a few things together, checked out, and on the way to our cars we decide she should stop by the house for a quick visit. We ended up sitting on the front porch catching up and giggling until nine o'clock.

Again, not at all what I had planned for the evening but so much better.