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Big Brother Bullets - 09/13/07

Posted by Gwen |

  • I can't believe Dick and Zach stood on that pedestal under cold running water for 7.5 hours. Amazing. Dick had such a huge advantage having Dani there to encourage him. Although I guess Zach's advantage was not jonesing for a smoke the whole time.
  • Zach's decision to take a calculated hit and nominate Dick and Daniele was good - curry favor with Jameka in the hopes that she would influence the Jury. And it would have worked if he'd gotten HOH.
  • That said, Zach is a huge dork. When he asked Dick to "remember my inventions" in his pre-vote speech, I understood why no one liked him. It was weird. Plus, he admitted to Julie that he waited too long to form relationships.
  • I love that Dick and Daniele opted not to throw Round 3, but to actually compete against one another. BTW, did you notice that when Dick hit the buzzer in Round 3, he broke it? It shattered.
  • And, finally, America's final vote - who does Eric rally and vote for? Do we really care? You know those two have a deal and the money is getting shared.


LM said...

Oh Lord, the body glitter is back! We only had one episode of reprieve from Julie Chen's blinding goo. Hey Julie!! If you're out there reading this here blog I have some news for you: the 80s are over, and regardless, you are well above the maximum age for body glitter!