Everything I Like Causes Cancer

Where we've been convinced to write a new post on Dec. 2. Stay tuned!

Yesterday was just a normal Tuesday. Got up, made coffee, blogged, went to work. Normal day, gorgeous weather. Driving home, top down because it was a 70 degree day here, I'm planning my ever-so-exciting evening . . . spaghetti for dinner and Big Brother on the TV . . . when my phone rings. A quick check of the caller ID tells me it's The Farrells, which can only mean fun. Or at least a few drinks. The suggestion is Stella Blues, and I'm in, no questions. John and Deanna actually introduced me to this place and I've been there several times - friendly staff, good food, neat atmosphere - and now they have a patio!

We meet, have dinner on the patio, and are catching up when a guy comes by our table and invites us to play trivia. I initially thought no. Trivia? 10 rounds? Too involved for a Tuesday night. Until he tells us the rules (shorter game) and that third prize is a Barbarella DVD. Keep in mind that The Gregger's 40th is coming up and a Barbarella DVD is the perfect gift. We're in.

We shot for third the whole way and held onto our "lead" until the 4th round. Man, we sucked at the 4th round. The only question we got right was "Name the 4 members of the A-Team." We don't know The Periodic Table very well, but, by God, we know who was in The A-Team.

So, Round 5 is a bonus round. We needed to get a few right, but not too many. Damn-it-all if we didn't place 2nd by one stinking point. Don't get me wrong, we each won a great Stella Blues hat and t-shirt (thanks Chris and Mike!) . . .

. . . but we really wanted that DVD. Guess we'll have to find some other cheese-ass gifts for The Gregger. A RIP sign isn't too cliche, is it?