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I didn't blog after the premier because I'm lazy. But I find myself curious about how my impressions will change after the first episode so I'm going to jot down a few thoughts before I watch tonight and I'll be back after. Plus it's nice to have a list of the players around until you get to know them.

It's not obsession, people. It's science.

So the two teams are:

Fei Long
Amanda, former Miss Montana
Todd, flight attendant
Leslie, Christian talk radio host - 3
Jean-Robert, professional poker player
Denise, lunch lady
Courtney, NY waitress
Frosti, student/athlete
Sherea, 4th grade teacher


Zhan Hu
Chicken, chicken farmer - 1
Ashley, professional wrestler - 2
Peih-Gee, jewelry designer
Dave, former model - 4
Jaime, USC honor student
Erik, Nashville musician
James, gravedigger
Aaron, surfing instructor - 5

  • I recall that the producers split them into teams by pre-assigning the buffs. Which seemed odd to me. Especially since the teams seem so out of balance - FL seems strong and mature (but really not OLD) while ZH is young and inexperienced.
  • James is hot. James is hot. James is hot.
  • I was shocked that they voted out Chicken. ZH is a young team; the loss of his expertise and stability could spell trouble for them.