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I sat down last night to watch Survivor and realized that my Tivo was not capturing it. At 7:40. I missed 2/3 of it. Apparently last fall's settings weren't updated and it was too busy recording Ugly Betty and Earl.

  • So, I missed the reward challenge. I tuned in just in time to see Fei Long win immunity. It seemed to me that Zhan Hu is still not working together.

  • Can anyone tell me what the heck happened between Dave and Ashley? Huge tension.

  • Ashley was voted out.

Here's a link back to the list. I'll be going back there each week to cross off the names of the eliminated.


LM said...

There's no real story about Dave and Ashley. He is the "leader", but he's let it go to his head a bit. He cuts everyone off all the time and won't take others' opinions into consideration. Ashley was the only one with the guts to call him out on it. In addition, their biggest argument was about him ordering everyone around to build the "perfect" area for a fire, which was taking an entire day. This was after 3-4 days of already not having any food at all, plus they had received the flint to make fire over a day before. Most agreed they should build a little fire just so they could cook some rice, get some nourishment, and have the energy to then continue building the fire pit/shelter, but Ashley was the only one who approached him about it and he would have no part of it. More little arguments ensued from there. The rest of their group liked Ashley. The only reason they voted her out is that they feel Dave is the only one who knows what he's doing out there. Which is sad. If they would've had some food in them like she suggested, maybe they would've had the energy to win the immunity challenge.