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Chicago Afrobeat Project

Posted by Gwen |

A couple weeks ago my friend LM took me to see Chicago Afrobeat Project at Off Broadway. If LM ever invites you to go see a band, do it. Half the time I have no idea what we're going to see but she has never steered me wrong. It's always different and a ton of fun.

The night we saw them was very special; they not only brought the African dancers but there was a guy onstage painting while they played. He started with a blank canvas:

. . . and ended with a very poweful peice that looked to me like a self-portrait. The following does not depict the final product, but more likely where he was in the middle of the two-hour show.

It was really good. Rumor has it they don't come to town often, so be sure to go the next time they're in town. Here's a sampler of the sound and the dancers:

Now I'm going back to bed. I've contracted the croup - my throat hurts and my lungs feels like they are filled with fire ants. See you tomorrow.