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More About Mike and Melissa

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I was just sitting here looking at the pictures Melissa sent from her and Mike's wedding last week and I HAD to share this one. This picture says it all - young, beautiful, in love, and silly!

I love you two! Congrats!


lotus07 said...

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this photo, was the list of things to do in life. We are all supposed to have one. Every woman tends to have 'Getting Married On A Beach" as one of the To-Do things.

With men, it is usually something like, drive a car over 200mph, or making love to Asian twins.

Wonder what Mike and Melissa will be crossing off next?

LM said...

Surprise, Lotus, but getting married isn't even on my list of things to do. And I could rattle off a number of other women who also aren't prioritizing marriage. Not that I'm against relationships or marriage, but it's just that it's not a priority. I am complete whether I die alone or with a husband. And if/when I do get married, I also happen to hate the beach. I would elope in the snowy mountains somewhere. So it seems I contradict all of your stereotypes. I think that's why we're not supposed to have sterotypes, no?! Had to razz you on this one, Lotus Man. I also love this photo. It's absolutely fabulous!

Gwen said...

UPDATE: Melissa called and said I made her cry. Mission accomplished!

And I, too, have no designs on marriage (again.) Luckily I got it out of the way at 27 so no "spinster" moniker for me!

lotus07 said...

My wife and I eloped to Vegas and got married at the Excalibur, dressed as a night and a maiden......which is the way to go.