Everything I Like Causes Cancer

Where we've been convinced to write a new post on Dec. 2. Stay tuned!

  • Amanda and Todd were idiots about the immunity idol. Have they never seen this show? Everyone knows you buddy up with someone and one of you takes the rest of the tribe to “get water” or on a hike while the other stays back and “cooks.” Duh. And Todd was such a motor mouth about it. Not smooth.
  • And can I just say that I hate food competitions? I have a low threshold gag reflex which makes it very uncomfortable for me to watch them forcing these nasty things into their mouths and gagging. I felt so bad for Denise. You know she really wanted to beat James so he could use the idol and was so disappointed in herself.
  • Courtney needs to shut it. Her opinions of everyone else are hurtful and she needs to keep them to herself. I half expected they would vote her off after her soliloquy at Tribal Council. Such a useless twit.
  • I think it was a mistake to vote off Sherea over Jean Robert. Of the two, I think she would have been more loyal. Jean Robert is traitorous and will turn on any of them at any time. I think Courtney could have convinced them to vote him off if she’d left out all the stuff about how he hates her. It made her position seem emotional rather than strategic.
  • James was nekkid and all they would talk about was his butt? Not what I’d have been checking out. Maybe they were being nice for TV. Or the good stuff was edited for prime time.
  • We have to assume James will have both immunity idols next week and the previews indicate that next week is the merge. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.
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LM said...

I agree with everything you said. I actually yelled out loud at the TV for Todd to shut his pie hole. However, later I realized his whole purpose in telling everyone was so that they understood the plan and tried to throw the competition. Still, not sure it was smart. I just love that James. I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon. He's proven himself in more ways than one. Courtney is right about Jean Robert. Why did they not listen? Was Sherea that much of a threat? I felt embarassed for Courtney when she made it all about her and how he hates her and will vote her off. Does she think they really care about that? It's every person for themselves. At this point, I'm pulling for James and Denise to win it all. They are the most decent people out there.

Lori W said...

Didn't know I had fellow Survivor devotees out there! Agree with it all guenos. If Courtney wasn't so "it's all about me" she could have maneuvered the vote to John Robert. She's so NYC - I'm sure she'll remind us of this again sometime soon. In the meantime, let's just thank the producers for James. Really, this season so far is pretty lame except for gazing at James. Note to Sherea - lazing around camp and bragging on it is a sure ticket home - at least before the merge, when you're not supposed to be too enthusiastic about helping out your competition with things like water and food. And really, if your parents named you Frosti, wouldn't you change that when you were old enough to realize this is not a grown person's name?