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Posted by Gwen |

My very dear friends Mike and Melissa are getting married today! In the tropics! Everyone, please, raise your cup of coffee or glass of juice and toast their very special day!

And just as exciting . . . last night when I brought in the mail I noticed I'd gotten a small package*. It was about this big, compared to decorative gourds:

I could tell by the return address that it was from them, but I was confounded. Especially when it rattled. As soon as I opened it a little bit I could tell what it was.

And was summarily blown away by their creativity - it's the invitation to the big ole party they're throwing when they get home! So.very.clever - a message in a bottle invitation for a tropical wedding that arrived WHILE they were away on the island. It's so damn cute, I'm not opening it. Evah. Melissa will tell me when and where to be. It even has sand and tiny shells in it! (Explains the rattling.)

*Yes, I'm giggling about having said, "small package."


LM said...

I got my message in a bottle yesterday too. Quite creative. I wish they would've sent The Police along to sing while I opened it, but maybe they felt that was a bit much. Better yet, they could've sent Scrantonicity, who probably wouldn't have charged as much. Nothin' like gettin' hitched on a Tuesday in the tropics (or so I can imagine). Go Mike and Melissa!