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A couple Sundays ago my friends Jodi and Monica drove down from our home town for a visit. I don't see these two very often. They are very busy, I am very busy. We try to get together at least four times a year. It ususally ends up being two. Three in a good year. So I was excited when Jodi emailed me and said, hell or high water, she was coming to visit.

I knew both of them in high school but we were not close friends then. It wasn't until after graduation that we got close. Once we did, though, we were inseparable. And dangerous. We three had us some good times. I'd tell a story from "the day" but it would be too boring for publication by the time I edited anything illegal, not-for-parents, or obscene.

I adore these two. Our lives are very different now; they are both married and have two children. I am single and, at this juncture, don't plan to have children. But it's like time never passed. They had never been here before and yet immediately seemed so right-at-home.

Back in the day, I spent the majority of my time at Jodi's parents house which inevitably translated into the familiarity shared by roommates. We were both just as comfortable in the home of the other as we were in our own. It was the same today. With them, there is never any initial discomfort, never that awkward time of reaquaintance between people who have become distant. It's cliche, but we truly do pick right up where we left off. I find a considerable amount of comfort in that. The unconditional is reassuring.

Things had been tough the few weeks leading up to their visit between challenging demands at work and being sick, but I was re-energized by it. I am so glad they came to see me. And I can't wait until we do it again. We made plans for Thanksgiving weekend. I feel pretty good about the odds that it will happen so it should only be a month before I get to see them again!


lotus07 said...

This sort of reminds me of something I read once...don't know if it is true.

In the Chinese language, the noun for a "woman", is the Chinese character that looks like a woman walking. The noun for "two woman" walking are two of the stick figures side by side.

The symbol for "trouble" is three woman stick figures walking side by side.

Makes sense tome.

amy & jeff said...

Isn't that nice when you have people in your life like that? I remember reconnecting with my best friend from high school several years ago and it was like talking ot a total stranger. Very awkward. You know what else is awkward? The word awkward. I had to look it up because it looks so weird. Anyway, where was I........friends are great. That is all.

JodI said...

Oh my gosh....that was so nice. I wish we lived closer together so we could see each other more. I miss you so much. Every now and then, Jacob will ask whey are are coming again. He can't wait to see you Thanksgiving Eve.

Love Ya...Jodi