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This is the weekly Amazing Race recap post, but since the poll to pick the name is still open, I opted to give it a contest post title.

The players started the race at the Playboy Mansion. They are:

  • Marianna and Julia - sisters, Miami
  • Ronald and Christina - father and daughter, Tacoma WA
  • Kynt and Vyxsin - dating goth couple, Louisville KY
  • Nicolas and Donald - 23 year-old airline pilot and his grandfather
  • Nathan and Jennifer - dating, Huntington CA
  • Azaria and Hendeak - siblings, engineers, New Orleans
  • Lorena and Jason - dating, LA
  • Kate and Pat - married lesbian ministers
  • Ari & Staella - friends and co-workers
  • TK and Rachel - newly dating hippies, southern Cal
  • Shana and Jennier - friends, LA
The first leg of the race started with a flight to Shannon, Ireland. Once there, the players took a ferry to InisMor Island where they signed up for ferries leaving the island the next morning at staggered times. The teams spent the night in a hostel and took off as scheduled for the mainland the next morning.

Back on the mainland, the teams drove 42 miles to Cloigeann Farms where they had to tandem bike on a muddy track to the next clue.

The Road Block this episode involved high wire tandem biking followed by putting peat into baskets on the backs of donkeys and then leading the donkeys back to the entrance to the farm. Once the roadblock was completed, the teams drove 13 more miles to the pit stop, Connemara Heritage Center. The teams arrived in this order:

  1. Azaria & Hendekea - PRIZE: trip for 2 to Fairmont Springs Bear Resort in Alberta, Canada
  2. Kynt & Vyxsin
  3. TK & Rachel
  4. Lorena & Jason
  5. Nicolas & Donald
  6. Shana & Jennifer
  7. Ronald & Christina
  8. Pat & Kate
  9. Marianna & Julia
  10. Nathan & Jennifer
Ari and Staella were eliminated. I love that Ari bragged about being a bigger bitch than karma but was completely KO'd by it after stealing the taxi. I anticipated that Ari would be really irritating, but like any other train wreck, I wouldn't be able to look away so I'm a little disappointed he's gone already. But there's still a lot of potential for drama and theatrics with this group. Some initial observations:

  • Grandpa Donald is going to be a huge physical liability to Nicolas.
  • If Nathan and Jennifer can't work out their trust issues, they won't go very far. I question the priorities of contestants with extreme baggage who think they can endure the additional stress of a contest like this.
  • In my mind, an Amazing Race contestant should never forget this: Don't panic. It makes your situation worse by clouding your judgment. And your salvation is probably around the next corner.
  • The donkeys being led by the uptight and screechy teams were the ones who stopped walking and refused to move.


Little Brr said...

Bicycle Race - Queen

BL said...

I'm so excited that the Amazing Race is back - and you're watching it too! I don't have a strong connection to any team after last night - maybe the father/daughter or lesbian ministers. But I think they both have the "physical liability" thing like Nicholas/Donald. Yay for the Race!

LM said...

I, too, am so glad the race is back. My favorites are the goth couple and the hippie couple. I am concerned about Gramps. It cracked me up how he counted to make sure they had all their money. That appeared to be a strenuous first leg. I agree it's a shame that Ari was gone first. He would've been entertaining. The L.A. Blondes are gonna get on my nerves. I was hoping they'd be the first to go home.

Lori W said...

Yay for the Race! It's the best of the reality shows (I write as I watch Dancing with the Stars). LOVE the goth couple. HATE this season's Barbies. They'd be fun to hate for a long time but I don't think they'll make it very far. Ari is no donkey whisperer, that's for sure. Anyone who can be that mean to animals should lose. And the whole time, he and Staella did not learn anything from the people passing them and sweet-talking their donkeys? I loved it when Ari's donkey had a complete "ass meltdown" and just brayed like crazy. It was a fine go f yourself moment for donkey's everywhere!

Leslie Erickson said...

What is The Amazing Race?

Lori W said...

Queen - "Bicycle Race"