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If this post wasn't a Contest Post, you'd see the title "Here's What Other People Did While I Sat On The Couch And Ate Candy" up there since 54% of you said that's what you want me to call the weekly Amazing Race wrap-up post. We love it when you voice your opinion here, so thanks!

On to the wrap-up . . .

From last week's pitstop in County Galway the teams flew 600 miles to Amsterdam. Once there they took a train to Amsterdam's Centraal Station. Each team then searched the canals for the Melkmeisjesbrug Bridge where they found the next clue.

The clues sent the teams to the next Detour where the choice of tasks was "Hoist It" or "Hunt It." In Hoist It the teams had to secure and raise 5 items into a second-story window. In Hunt It the teams had to search through thousands of bikes to find two particular bikes and then ride them 5 miles to the next clue. Lorena and Jason kicked butt in the Hoist It. They pretty much kicked butt the whole episode. BTW, why did TK and Rachel struggle so long when they could switch places?

Anyway, the next clue put the teams on buses to Ransdorp where they searched a marked field for the cluebox. Inside the cluebox was a Roadblock which had one member of each team pole-vaulting a swampy ditch, or ditchvaulting. Once again Lorena and Jason made it look easy. And just in case you had your head in the fridge during this scene, here's a picture of Grampy Donald in his skivvies.

Because every good show has a hairy, muddy, naked grandpa.

From the bog, the teams rode dutch cargo bikes called a bakfeits through the countryside looking for drop-off points along the way to the pitstop at the Durgerdam Yacht Club. The teams arrived at the pitstop as follows:

  1. Lorena and Jason - prize = sportbikes
  2. Nate and Jen
  3. Shana and Jennifer
  4. Kynt and Vyxsin
  5. Azaria and Hendekea
  6. TK and Rachel
  7. Marianna and Julia
  8. Nicholas and Donald
  9. Ronald and Christine

Kate and Pat, the lesbian ministers, came in last place. It was an elimination round.

Of note this week:

  • OMG Ron is such an arrogant prick. How is it that Christina isn't damaged and is, in fact, extremely patient with him? His constant blathering and criticism wears me out and I'm only exposed to a fraction of what she withstands. The worst part is that he has no clue how egotistical and mouthy he is. At one point he said that as a salesman his philosophy was to be very polite. Really? The man is del.u.sion.al.
  • New bullet, same topic: Ron. Direct quotes from him to Christina include, "I could have done better" and "You need to lose some weight." I bet her mother hopes he dies on this trip.
  • My favorite quote from the episode was after the ditchvaulting, "Man, you smell like poop." I think TK said it to Rachel but I'm not certain.


LM said...

Yep, it was TK telling Rachel she smelled like poop. I got a kick out of that too. Ron has got some serious issues. One being a major anxiety problem, but that could be the least of his worries from what I can tell. I don't know how she hasn't completely exploded and told him off. It's hard for me to watch him. His anxiety causes me anxiety, and when he wont shut his pie hole I find myself yelling "SHUT UP!" at my TV. Oh shoot, maybe I'm the one with the problem?!

Gwen said...

LM: It's not just you - I was yelling at him to "SHUT UP!" through the whole episode. He's unbearable.