Everything I Like Causes Cancer

Where we've been convinced to write a new post on Dec. 2. Stay tuned!

Day One: Sunday, November 4
Post Title/Song Lyric: Here's a little ghost for the offering
Song Title: Man on The Moon
Artist: REM
Tie to content: This post was about the owner of the "Elvis is Alive" museum auctioning the museum contents on e-Bay.
First Correct Responder: LM

Day Two: Monday, November 5
Post Title/Song Lyric: Bicycle races are coming your way
Song Title: Bicycle Race
Artist: Queen
Tie to content: The post was about the first episode of this season's Amazing Race in which the contestants rode high-wire tandem bikes.

First Correct Responder: Little BRR

Day Three: Tuesday, November 6
Post Title/Song Lyric: So take a lesson from a top-notch surfer boy
Song Title: Catch A Wave
Artist: The Beach Boys
Tie to content: The post contained a youtube video of legendary surfer Laird Hamilton's PSA about oceanic pollution.
First Correct Responder: Lori W

Day Four, Wednesday, November 7
Post Title/Song Lyric: I can feel a chill of a cold November wind
Song Title: Good To Go To Mexico

Artist: Toby Keith
Tie to content: The picture I posted was taken on an overcast, chilly November day at my office complex. The caption included the number of days until my friends and I go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in March. The song is about the chilly November wind prompting a trip to Cabo.
First Correct Responder: Lori W

Day Five: Thursday, November 8
Post Title/Song Lyric: A tip from me take all of your money and give it up to charity
Song Title: What I Got
Artist: Sublime
Tie to content: The post was about LM's silent auction win at Cheesefest.
First Correct Responder: None

Day Six: Friday, November 9
Post Title/Song Lyric: I play their game and then they scream my name
Song Title: American Bad Ass

Artist: Kid Rock
Tie to content: This was the weekly Survivor: China wrap-up, a reality TV game show where contestants are voted off by written ballot.
First Correct Responder: None

Day Seven: Saturday, November 10
Post Title/Song Lyric: Sweetheart, you'll find mediocre people do exceptional things all the time
Song Title: What To Do
Artist: Ok Go
Tie to content: This post was the Herculean list of things I had already accomplished for the weekend.
First Correct Responder: None

So there you have it - the first week's big winner is Lori W!! Congratulations, Lori! I will mail your prize CD at the end of the contest in December. This also puts you into the Grand Prize random drawing for a $50 Bridgeview Stained Glass gift certificate!

Thanks to everyone who played. It was a ton of fun to do, challenging but also rewarding. I hope more of you decide to play this week - you can find the original rules here if you need a refresher.