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The Bachelor is one of those shows that I really like at the beginning when the pool of contestants potential mates is large. My interest usually fades as the numbers dwindle, but I was compelled to watch the recap show last night when I heard that this year's bachelor had rejected both girls at the Final Rose Ceremony.

I desperately hoped he would come out and say something like,"I have never met a more vapid group of women in my life. I never liked any of you, but had to tape the show as if I cared because it was in the contract." Man, that would have been fantastic.

A lot of what he did have to say for himself, however, sounded like double-speak. I think his gist was this: he didn't want to make a false promise. He liked both of them but not enough to get married. He said he knew when he was shopping for the ring.

There was a lot of eye rolling and moaning coming out of the audience, but I know exactly what he means. Only I didn't have the courage to stop the avalanching wedding plans and ended up unhappily married to the wrong person. Once you sign on for something like that, even just the promise to keep dating after the show to see if things would work out, it's ten times harder to take it back.

I understand how DeAnna was/is confused by the sudden change in his behavior. I hope with time she realizes that the truth always comes out and that it hurts less when it comes out sooner.

BTW, I really liked DeAnna. So obviously confused and angry, and yet collected. Her answers were direct and honest. Now I wish I hadn't skipped the last 5 episodes. But I was trying to get a life.


LM said...

Well, I guess I don't have a life because I watched the entire season. Although I understood what his point was in rejecting both, I think there is something more to it that he wasn't sharing. In fact, I would almost guarantee it. He admitted he has some "issues" so maybe that was a hint. If he thought as much of Deanna/Jenny as he verbalized to them, then trying to date casually outside of the show and see where it goes would not be false hope. It would only be false hope if he did that knowing that he didn't have a true interest in either one. So was that it? If so, then he was feeding them lies the whole time. It was hard to watch. In as much as I think he's holding something back, I felt bad for the guy. He was in an awkward position, albeit one he put himself in.

lotus07 said...

This whole show is a farce. It isn't about romance, it is about entertainment. Of the 6 seasons of the bachelor only one got married and most broke it off after the show. Brad comes across as indecisive and a loser as a result of this show. I certainly wouldn't want to enter into a business transaction with him. He honestly thinks that he is going to meet someone more perfect? Brad isn't living on the same planet as the rest of us.

Lori W said...

Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson