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It's A Christmas Miracle!

Posted by Gwen |

Skylar is home!

I just found him about 20 minutes ago on one of my neighbor's porches! I took the day off work and canvassed all day with flyers - Humane Society, veterinarians, all the businesses around me. I started putting up flyers in the neighborhood about 3:30. I figured it was a good time to be out - catch people as they get home from work.

My neighbor Larry came out and told me he had seen Sky on his front porch about midnight Friday night. I could tell he felt so bad that he hadn't brought him in so I staved off the sobbing until I was down the street. It was about 3-4 houses down that I found him. I went up onto this one porch and as I was sliding the flyer in their door, I heard his tiny squeak of a meow and he came running to me.

I guess I have to stop calling him my baby cat. He went on an adventure and earned his big boy pants. The little stinker fought me the whole way home.

I am certain that everyone in town now knows I am not exactly the hard nut I seem to be: I cried all over town today. The guy at Kinkos who helped me make the flyers asked me how my day was going and in response huge crocodile tears came rolling down my face. I was never able to recover.

And after I found him? An even bigger blubbering mess.

Huge thanks to all of you who called or wrote or prayed. You made my Christmas Miracle happen and for that I will be forever grateful.

5:50 PM UPDATE: I just received a call from the lady at whose house I found Skylar. She said she was so sorry - that she knew he had been on her porch all weekend but felt as if he was the reincarnation of her recently passed dog. She said that she was going to look after him one more day and then call the Humane Society. She was very relieved to hear that I had scooped him up and carried him home. She was so sweet.

5:57 PM UPDATE: I just got another call. The gal said she had seen him around for the past couple days and she was certain that he belonged to someone because "he was so friendly." She said she was just about ready to "do domething to figure out where he belongs." I told her that I was certain he had been taken in by someone and that it means so much to know that the neighborhood is filled with people who would call the Humane Society.

BTW, after scooping him up, running home, and crying for 20 minutes, I did actually go back out to reclaim the flyers but most of them had already been taken in.


LM said...

AWESOME!! Usually I'm pretty pessimistic, but I did feel fairly confident about this one all along. I'm glad for both of you that there's a happy ending.

Gwen said...

Thanks, LM! Your optimism fueled me the past few days. He is currently SACKED OUT on the couch and has been for a loong time. He's so out that Max gave him a thorough bath and he never opened his eyes.

BL said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy you found him!!!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

You must be so relieved! I'm so happy you got him back!

Whiskeymarie said...

That is amazing. I lose things all the time that I just "Poof!" never see again, and this stuff doesn't even have legs to run away from me.

Glad he's back.

Gwen said...

WM: I was mostly upset because I was boozy when he slipped out. I did A LOT of self-flaggelating over the weekend. Guilt Bullet? Dodged.

LoriW said...

Hooray for Skylar! I am so happy!