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Pallet Day 2008!

Posted by Gwen |

Today's busy, busy day included doing the laundry and the grocery shopping, and preparing my Pallet Day contributions. I made a legendary veggie pizza and the cutest tiny cupcakes:

While I was at the store I happened across the forgotten treasure that is Sister Schubert's Sausage Wrap Rolls:

These little gems are like pigs-in-blankets, but for BREAKFAST! Yum!

Pallet Day is an annual celebration of the passage into the New Year which originated at the home of The Gregger and Leslie many years ago. To prepare a Pallet you must first clear a large area of open floor space in the room in your house that boasts the largest TV. If that room is not already equipped with satellite and some sort of football package you should've called Dish Network or the other one two weeks ago. Finally you should layer the cleared area with every blanket, pillow, air mattress, and cushion in the house. Voila! A Pallet!

What follows these delicate preparations can only be described as extreme sloth and gluttony. The entire day is spent laying in a pile on The Pallet watching football, eating, giggling, eating, drinking, eating, and eating. Large and/or quick motions are discouraged: a deadly cardiac bomb is created when a menu consisting mostly of fondue is paired with even the slightest shock. (BTW, Pallet Day Gang, I still have the heart paddles from last year. They're already charged and in the car!)

Adding discomfort to gastric misery, the only acceptable clothing is that which you wore to bed wherever you slept on New Year's Eve. Attendees are not allowed to practice even the slightest hygiene. It's very French that way. That and all the cheese.


Mariposa said...

Happy new to you!

Wish you all the best for 2008.

Whiskeymarie said...

That sounds like the BEST. DAY. EVER.

Invite me next year, o.k?

Gwen said...

M: Back atcha'!

WM: Will you come next year? Same time, same place, same rules!

amy & jeff said...

Um Gwen, I call that a Thrusday. Just kidding! Sounds like a blast. Happy New Year to you, gorgeous girl!

amy b