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The lunatic is in my head.

Posted by Gwen |

Last night's big "Christmas Vacation 2007" adventure involved copious amounts of adult beverages, waaaay too many ciggies, and tickets to El Monster Y Los Masked Avengers, a St. Louis Pink Floyd tribute band that only comes out to play during the week of Christmas. The band members are all successful local musicians affiliated with bands like Stir, Dr. Zhivegas, and The Urge.

The lead singer, Mark Quinn, is also the lead singer for Joe Dirt and the Dirty Boys. Several years ago Cousin T and I were out seeing Joe Dirt and she pulled the rug right out from under me by reminding me that Mark was also the lead singer of the band that played one of our proms. I know that the more things change, the more they stay the same but that made me feel incredibly old and lame.

The guys have been doing this show for years and every year, for one silly reason or another, I've never been able to make it. This year they added three nights to the usual two shows and I declared early that I was going, even if I had to go by myself. Thankfully, Lil BRR and Ms. Axley threw themselves on the sword and volunteered to accompany me. I am so glad we went: those boys rocked my hiney. I just saw on the Joe Dirt website that tonight's show, the last of the five, is sold out. Bravo!

After the show we had one more for the ditch (we had a driver) at The Halo Bar and while there I morphed into The Great White Mullet Hunter.

I was humbled when the guy pictured left came over to me and introduced himself as the drummer for Head East, whose website boasts that they are The Midwest's Legendary Classic Rock Band. You can't see his face in this picture, and my memory is somewhat fuzzy, but I am as convinced as I can be that he was telling the truth. Also? He insisted it wasn't a mullet, but couldn't classify it - the nations longest (and only?) remaining tail, perhaps.


LM said...

Once Kristi and I rode the Screamin' Eagle with Head East sometime in the mid 80's. We had season passes and they were there doing a concert that night. We didn't meet them or anything, but we still considered it a brush with fame. I think maybe we sang "Never been any reason" during the ride.

Little Brr said...

Can I just tell you how much damn fun I had? I had an absolute blast and the hangover the next day was well worth it! Thank you for a fantastic night... one that won't soon be forgotten.

howmidugan said...

There's never been any reason.