Everything I Like Causes Cancer

Where we've been convinced to write a new post on Dec. 2. Stay tuned!

As I sit down to post this quick note it is 8:30 pm on New Year's Day. I just got home from Pallet Day and stand before you as a participant who followed ALL of the rules. I have not showered yet today, I'm still in my pajamas (ok, I put on heavier sweats to drive home because it's only like 20 degrees and REALLY windy, so bite me), and I have not brushed my teeth since 6:30 pm yesterday. Wanna' make out?

At one point The Gregger and I were parked next to each other on The Pallet and I looked over at him and said, "You know, I don't think I've even looked at myself today. Do I have any sort of big zit or anything on my face?" Thankfully his reply was no. I am certain he added something pithy but I can't remember what it was now, there were so many great moments. There was really only about a half hour that the house was somewhat quiet - you know, the one where all of us gals fell asleep, three of us in a pile on The Pallet.

I have a ton of pictures from dinner (FAB.U.LOUS food, Brian!) and Pallet Day, but for now I am just going to go lay back down on the couch. About two hours ago I was really ready to be clean and thought the first thing I would do when I got home was shower, but I'm over it now.

I am sooo glad I took tomorrow off. First thing on the agenda is editing the pictures and telling the story. Happy New Year, y'all!


Mariposa said...

Will wait for those pictures!


amy & jeff said...

We were wondering where that smell was coming from!

Whiskeymarie said...

Does it make you feel better that I woke up yesterday and realized that I couldn't remembered when I had showered last?
And holy hell, I stunk.

This vacation is turning me into a hobo.