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Oh, this is probably going to b e bad.

Posted by Gwen |

Drunk. Really, really drunk. But I thought i t wouold be reallt fun to give this a shot. You really heve no idea how ong thi stootk or how3 much effort qwmt into it. Drunk isd goood ut noe . oh fuck it i lve drunk. i judst whixkwey maite wewre here. i lover hwed, drunnoe. what7ever.


Mariposa said...

Gwen, your post spelled DRUNK...lol I can just imagine the fun you had!

Whiskeymarie said...

I was drunkety drunk drunk Saturday night too! And I would have had more fun had you been there too!!!
Hopefully you're feeling better than I did this morning...

Little Brr said...

LMAO! Dood... you should drunk blog more often cause that sh*t is fun-e!

Jeff from Kimchi central said...

I know that I am late but that is some funny stuff!
Jeff approved