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  • If you've ever had a cat, or just know what a cat is, you will really enjoy this poem from Schmutzie.

  • This story made me think of the urban legend about the guy who comments to a large buffet waitress, "Is it all you can eat or all I can eat? Because if it's all you can eat, we're going to be here a while."

  • Anybody want to go with me to check out the new bar along Morganford called Three Monkeys? I'm not sure how long I can hold out: it's close to my house; it seems to have decent food; and MONKEYS! Hey also - are there any readers out there from the old Soulard Ale House days? Can you confirm that the Jerome mentioned in this article is the Jerome from the Ale House? My head is filled with the vague notion that he ended up at DB's so this may be him. If so? Just another reason to go.


Schmutzie said...

Since I wrote that yesterday, more and more reason to be done with cats have come to me. And yet, I cuddled with both of mine this morning and whispered sweet nothings into their fur.

LM said...

I am definitely interested in Three Monkeys. They had a write up on the food in the Post yesterday too.

Whiskeymarie said...

If I lived closer, you and I could totally tear it up at the monkey bar.
Let us know how it is if you go.