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Trivia Recap

Posted by Gwen |

It was fun! There is a group of 8 of us that try to go to every trivia night hosted by the Maryland Heights Centre. It's $12.50 a person and the beer is all you can drink. Duh.

Killer* of Killerrants commented on my last post that he lurves trivia because you get to show off how smart you are and I have to admit it really is SUPER FUN!! when you know an answer. Last night's theme was "Couch Potato Trivia" - all TV questions. We did pretty good until the Soap Opera round. The thing about us is that, even if we don't know the answer, we submit something really funny and sometimes off-color. One of the questions asked what some soap character secretly did for a living. We had no idea. Our official submission was, "Managed the Imo's in Kirkwood."

There were two questions that only I knew the answer. One was that Survivorman's real name is Les Stroud. I knew this because I am obsessed with how much Les looks like my friend Andy. I can't remember the other one. I am a valuable trivia team member.

Along the same "I want you to know how smart I am" vein, I want to share something I noticed. Last week I was watching the first episode of Bret Michael's Rock of Love. I know, I love crap television. Whatever.

Anyway, there was one contestant who I just knew I recognized. It was driving me fruit. About half-way through I figured it out and I felt SO superior and smart: she's Megan from
Beauty and the Geek. Megan competed with a guy named Scooter who was super nice and cute. The best part? They freaking won.

I want to make sure you at least read this quip from a post-win interview, in case you don't click on the above links:

What are your plans for the future?

Megan: Retiring.

Scooter: I just moved to LA and I’m going to pursue an acting career. I have a pretty extensive theater background and I’d like to translate that.

Megan: I’m gonna train myself to rotate evenly while I’m tanning.
I think she's perfect for Bret. You should root for her with me.

*Killerrants is a dual blog (two people contribute.) I don't want to leave out the other half of the duo, Ms. Liz, since she called me a "blog sister" and gave me some awesome linky love. Go read them both. You'll pee your pants.


amy & jeff said...

I wonder if they offer classes in "tanning rotation" so that I too can be evenly bronzed.

Oh wait. I don't go in the sun. Scratch that.

Killer said...

Thanks for the shout out.

I keep calling VH1 to give ME a dating show, but they haven't called back yet. I mean, I like slutty, opportunistic woman, it would be perfect for me.

othurme said...

Referred here by Liz... Not Killer... NOOOO... Killer always tries to keep all the good women bloggers to himself.

I play trivia every week with a group of friends. A soap opera round would spell our demise as well.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Trivia is the only sport I'm good at. My weaknesses are sports and pop culture newer than 1990, which qualifies me for old fart status.

I can't bring myself to watch Rock of Love because, although I enjoy a good 'ho down - I don't really know who Bret Michaels is.

Bini said...

Thanks for the invite!?