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What I'm Giving Up For Lent

Posted by Gwen |


LM said...

That is hilarious.

LM said...

I have to admit that when I first pulled up your site I saw the title, but nothing was there-no photo, no words. Which is why I initially thought this entry was so hilarious. It was blank and I interpreted it as "screw Lent!". It's still funny. Partially because I was there when you discovered the butt paste. You should've bought it and just kept it on your sink in the bathroom to see what people say when they come over. I don't believe in giving things up for lent. I do, however, firmly believe in a good fish fry on a friday evening.

Gwen said...

LM: FISH FRY! Right around the corner, baby!

Mariposa said...

And this is what you'll give up?! Hmmm...what will I give up...maybe reduce quantities of everything I'm taking to half? LOL